Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/10/2012

You Handsome Devil

Emerald Tree Boa, originally uploaded by

I know snakes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, as is apparent when venturing into any zoo’s Reptile House where a high proportion of visitors recoil when they see the various serpent inhabitants, but I do, in fact they’re always high on my list of sections of the zoo to visit. There is, almost universally, one thing wrong when trying to photography in this type of environment, as is often the case, lighting both in the snake’s enclosure as well as the public areas is usually pretty abysmal and any photos are usually not great.. but I will keep trying.

As you may know, Dear Reader, it’s not only zoos where I go hunting for snakes; I’ve managed to see three of the UK’s reptiles in the little village where I live, a grass snake, a smooth snake and a common lizard – in fact the later two have even ventured into the garden. Despite TV Naturalists seeming to trip over snakes every five steps when in hotter climates, I’ve only ever seen one snake on my travels and that, despite what the guide said, wasn’t anything special (we’d been told it was a black mamba… it wasn’t). I reckon all those spitting cobras, black mambas and brown snakes are just Actors dressed up. “Now then, Luvvie, what is my motivation for this role.. aah yes, bite the presenter!”


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