Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/10/2012

Felix The Cat!

Asiatic Lion Cub, originally uploaded by

I seem to be doing quite well stringing out the photos I took at London Zoo over a week ago, despite having posted a number of images to Flickr each day. I still have a number of photos from my day there but having spent a large proportion of my stay ensconced in front of the Lion enclosure waiting for the big cats to get up from their slumbers. Even though I know Lions will sleep up to 21 hours a day, longer even than your average teenager, Dear Reader, I was ever hopeful that they might use up some of their limited daily activity whilst my camera was pointing at them. Luckily, kids being kids – irrespective of species – the youngest amongst the group were not content to keep still whilst it’s parents were flat out, unconcerned at the number of people trying to get a good look at them, and kept fidgeting, moving around the platform they were all gathered on allowing me ample opportunities to photograph them.. so you will be seeing plenty more of these wondrous cats.

I can’t let today pass of course without mentioning the courageous record breaking skydive by Felix Baumgartner who nonchalantly launched himself from a capsule suspended below a large balloon as if he were stepping down off a curb as opposed to a 24 mile drop as was the case. Watching the event in real time there were a number of occasions which were of concern, as Baumgartner stepped through the pre-drop/flight checklists, even the ground crew sounded concerned at several points when Felix didn’t respond in a timely fashion – luckily all went according to plan and after a ten minute descent history was made. Amazing… he managed to jump from the outer reaches of space and land on Earth in less time than it’s taken to write this blog.. but then he’s completed over 2,500 skydives whereas I’ve only managed to write 714 blogs so I’ve got a little way to go to be as competent in my craft as Felix!


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