Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/10/2012

Head and shoulders above the rest.

Na, na-ne-na, na!, originally uploaded by

With the rain having fallen continuously all day, the vivid clear blue skies of last Saturday seem almost like a dream, but here’s photographic evidence to corroborate my story! I’ve never really thought what a giraffe would do if it had a “tickly throat” and now I don’t need to concern myself deliberating this quandary… the animal simply finds the nearest tree trunk to scratch that itch. I’ve included one picture in my Flickr stream for today showing the beast in question as it rubs its incredibly long neck against a tree trunk in it’s enclosure – it appeared to have a look of pure bliss on its face whilst it was scratching away (though, of course, this is a human emotion and one shouldn’t be applied to animals as it demeans them.. though giving them human names is obviously okay).

I’m sure I’ve bored you with this fact before (in which case, you should be able to answer the question and feel quite smug!), but how many bones does a giraffe have in it’s neck? And for two extra points, how many does a human have? The answer, you will be surprised to learn (or won’t if you recall the last time I mentioned it… if I did, now you’ve got me doubting whether I’ve asked you or not, Dear Reader) is the same number, both human and giraffes have seven bones in their neck – in fact most animals have the same number. There we go, next time that question comes up in the local pub quiz you’ll be able to sit there safe in the knowledge that you’ve got that question in the bag… and should take you into the lead if it’s neck and neck with another team (unless they too are reading this blog.. but I think you’re safe there Dear Reader!).


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