Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/10/2012

The Mystery Deepens With Each Wave Of His Wand.

Bearded Pig, originally uploaded by

So sang Cud on their 1994 album Showbiz (track 5, Mystery Deepens if you were wonder, and I know you were, Dear Reader), well today one mystery was solved, but it’s a gruesome tale Dear Reader, and I hope you are of strong constitution for this is not for the faint hearted (or at least, that you’re not eating whilst reading this and why would you – eating is far more interesting than reading this load of old twaddle!). During the summer I happened upon a dead bumblebee, which in itself if nothing strange or sinister, with so many bees visiting the lavender outside the front of our house there’s usually a few old or infirm bees crawling about the place however the manner of it’s death that alarmed me. I’m saying the manner of it’s death, I have no idea how the poor insect died but I don’t think having your head removed can be that good for your life expectancy… after all you’d probably bump into too many things. I had tried to find out what might have attacked the creature (I’m putting money on the fact it wasn’t down to natural causes.. call it a hunch!) but up until today had found no leads to go on as to perpetrator of this dastardly act was. Whilst reviewing a nearby nature reserve I happened upon an entry written in the last couple of days which showed the outcome of a fight between a hawker dragonfly and a hornet. The dragonfly had had it’s head removed in the same fashion as the bee, and this time there were witnesses – the writer of the article had seen the fight between the two aerial heavy weight and the subsequent beheading by the striped slayer. So.. mystery solved… and the hornet would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.


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