Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/10/2012

For Your Eyes Only

Siberian Tiger(s), originally uploaded by

Phewee, I don’t know whether it’s my impending birthday celebrations or the number of late nights I’ve had recently but my day round London Zoo has fair wiped me out – actually it might be down to the hefty pack I’ve been carrying around all day in addition to the 600mm, 1D4 and tripod. I’m absolutely shattered and we may be having an equally busy day tomorrow.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather today, cool blue skies, with bright sun all day, and not a cloud in the sky to marr my photographic day however there was one black cloud… I met someone with a bigger (and better.. well, that’s a matter of opinion) camera than mine. Whilst photographing an Lilac-breasted Roller (an incredibly colourful (and beautiful) African bird) I was approached by another photographer who was interested in my 600mm lens (I wish I had a pound for each comment I hear about this big chunk of glass – I would be buying a new lens very quickly if I did!). Spotting he had some nice new gear himself, I asked what it was (he’d kept it out of sight) and was rather surprised when I noticed the X under the 1D.. a 1Dx! This flagship camera, from Canon, has only recently been available so this photographer (a happy amature) must have been lucky to get his hands on one… it’s certainly the first one I’ve seen “in the wild”. I know this might sound a bit far fetched, but I wasn’t in the least bit jealous of this newer camera… I only have eyes for my 1D4!


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