Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/10/2012

I got 99 problems but Telephony Ain’t One*

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I knew it was too good to be true, I’ve only had my phone 24 hours and I’ve managed to break it already. No, I’ve not had some catastrophic accident with the handset, it’s the data connection that isn’t working on the phone and I didn’t break it, it fell down the stairs by itself. Actually I didn’t do anything to the phone, it was my service provider who decided to remove the data connection when renewing the contract, leaving me with the one thing I don’t really need on a phone, the ability to talk. With the advent of SMS I found myself using this rather than calling people, and now I have a data service on the phone I can email, or even use Instant Messenger, when communicating with people rather than talk to them directly. It’s not an antisocial thing either, with the advent of social networks it’s easier and quicker to talk this way – even when the other person isn’t available. Having no data connection is therefore a bit like being “sent to Coventry”, luckily there’s still Wifi to keep me connected.

* to paraphrase Jay-Z

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