Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/10/2012

Ring Ring… Ring Ring.

Whilst I may have not taken as many wildlife photos as I would have liked in the last few weeks (though the camera hasn’t been dormant, far from it) I’ve been expressing my creative side sufficiently with my cooking… you could say I’m on fire at the moment in fact (yes, I’ve been standing too close to the hob again). As with any discipline, it’s very easy to repeat the same old things over and over again however I’ve been trying numerous recipes (which I tend to use only as a starting point) all of which have been a success with those who’ve sampled it.. and I’ve not poisoned anyone just yet.

I’ve not had the most productive of days, as I’ve been a little distracted… my new phone arrived today and so everything else has been put to one side whilst I played with my new toy. My aging HTC Legend is now two years old and by comparison to the newly arrived HTC One V, it’s certainly starting to show it’s age. Everything about the new phone is better, from the crisper screen with greater resolution, to the increased memory, processor speed but it’s not all about bigger and better, there are some of the specifications which are less on the new phone… but I’m willing to put up with having less weight with the new phone, as well as a thinner phone. I’ve already loaded most of the apps I use on a regular basis and configured it use the services I need – now to see what else it can do… something called phone calls apparently… whatever they are!


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