Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/09/2012

But Flash we only have 92 days to save the earth….

Cheetah Cub, originally uploaded by

Despite not feeling great, I couldn’t let tonights blog pass with such brevity as has been the case for the last two blogs Dear Reader as tonight’s blog is my 700th entry, no mean feat I think you’ll agree. I’ve mentioned that when I first posted an entry on here, I had no real grand plan, in fact I didn’t know why I was starting was actually starting to blog – I’m not too sure whether I’ve really figured that out yet myself. I’d better figure it out soon, though, in fact in the next 92 days as that’s the number of days left of 2012 at which point I’m going to be taking a break from the daily blogging though not giving it up completely. As you can appreciate blogging every day is somewhat time consuming, whether I have something to say or not, especially of late; it’s going to be rather Pavlovian next January, my first evening off – I suspect the easiest way is going to be to hide my laptop so I don’t feel the compulsion to write. This does have another major advantage, Dear Reader, you’ll have less of my inane drivel to read!


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