Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/09/2012

For Those About To Rock…*

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You would think, with all the product announcements this year, that Canon had played all their cards for this year, and that 2013 would be a relatively dormant year but the rumour mill is still buzzing with the talk of possible new camera that may arrive this year and next. Top of the heap, both in terms of specification and release date is a potentially monstrous 46 MPixel beast, which is supposed to be able to still manage 5 frames per second! Being able to shift that amount of data around at such speeds will take some serious processing power… it’ll also need a lot of processing power on the computer to just view the images! If you thought the megapixel race was over, then think again, other rumours suggest that next year will see all “the sevens” being released with a newly designed sensor.. “the sevens” being a 700D, a 70D and a possible 7D II!

I’m not usually taken in by adverts on the TV but one caught my attention this evening in between shows that I might actually purchase because of the commercial (only because I saw it there first). The plug was for a computer/console game (again I’m not usually bothered) by Ubisoft which I didn’t really take any notice of until I saw users plugging normal guitars into the game and use it to play along with music on the screen. There are a plethora of music games on the numerous consoles but they are about as close to playing music as the soft drink Tango is to the dance of the same name. This new game, Rocksmith, builds on the previous games but requires the user to play the actual notes of the song for real – there are even some practise games that help build up techniques like hammer-on/off, slides, bends etc. I’ve had a guitar for decades now – I might finally get round to learning to play it properly!

* We Salute You. An AC/DC song.


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