Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/09/2012

The Tufty Club*

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Stepping outside this morning, on my way to football, I was expecting a repeat of last night’s inclement weather however things couldn’t have been more different – there wasn’t a cloud in the sky allowing the sun to warm me up after being chilled to the bone all day yesterday. The kids were in for a real treat at the training session as one of the trainers who trained all the clubs trainers was invited along to share his knowledge and experience with the team. I know the media likes to portray the youth of today as sports-shy attention deficient x-box junkies but nothing could be further from the truth as every child attending the three hour training was attentive for the duration and all were running around, smiling throughout. In the three years we’ve been attending the club the numbers have grown dramatically, to the stage where there’s a waiting list to get into be able to attend. The club has also grown from one age group to four all well attended, so not ALL kids are couch potatoes… and this isn’t just an isolated incident, tomorrow’s outing to the local rugby club is also equally well attended, in fact I have to talk my boy into playing on our games console!

Despite only being a training session, I did manage to take over 500 photos for the club; that might seem like a lot of photographs but it only equates to about 6Gb worth, i have in the past taken around 40Gb worth in one morning. I suspect, if I audited my photo file server, that half the not inconsiderable number of photos would be due to my time as official club photographer. I will have to start deleting some of the duff shots soon, before I run out of space, though with 1 terabyte of space left I do have some breathing space.

One thing I did notice today as I prepared my camera gear just prior to the training was how much dust has found it’s way into the Sigma 150-500mm lens I use to photograph the kids. The Canon equivalent, the 100-400mm, is often referred to as a dust pump, as it uses a push pull action which people feels leads to more particles finding their way inside the lens… but it looks like it’s a problem with any lens of a similar size. The lens will need to go for a service to the Sigma Service Centre at some point, mind you if I’m sending that lens in I should also send the 80-400mm that has a mechanical fault – I wonder if they do a 2 for the price of 1 offer!

* The Tufty Club was a campaign by the UK government to inform children about road safety.

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