Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/09/2012

Oh, oobee doo – I wanna be like you

Mandrill, originally uploaded by

I may well like monkeying about myself, but that’s where it ends when it comes to liking primates however there are a few notable exceptions, Mandrills being one of them – they’re like Baboons who have discovered the face paint in a dressing up box. I suppose it’s the unlikeliness of their appearance I found so enchanting, the fact they look like they’ve been designed rather than naturally selected; they’re not alone, Okapi, duck-billed platypus, or the Aye-Aye are all Friday Afternoon Jobs – ones where the creators (work with me here, Dear Reader, if we start talking Creationism vs Darwinism my analogy won’t work!) are eager to leave early because the weekend is only a few hours away and so don’t bother following the detailed drawing but just pick pieces of animals out of the various spare parts when assembling them in their haste.

They may look all fluffy but don’t be deceived these are large powerful creatures, the males can weigh up to 37 Kg and with teeth that look like they could cut through anything it’s not something I want to get too close to. A true omnivore they’ll eat protein or carbohydrates from numerous sources, the one I found most amusing when thinking about their set of gnashers was tortoise – a bit like trying to get through a rather hard cornish pasty!

Changing subjects, the Canon 6D, G15 and numerous other cameras were announced today and the rumour mill was pretty much spot on with their guesses (or leaked information). The 6D is an interesting camera, Canon’s attempt at an entry level full-frame sensored camera, a baby brother to their highly desirable and successful 5D Mark III (Mark’s I and II were just as successful). It lacks a number of features of the Mark III but then at over £1,000 less, you’d expect less – it will certainly start a number of people off in landscape and portrait photography who what the full field of view of their wide angle lenses but can’t warranty or afford a 5D or 1DX. Mind you, if you’re worried about cost you chosen the wrong job or hobby with photography.


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