Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/09/2012

Glue Not Included*

Eurasian Lynx Kit, originally uploaded by

“K-e-r-r-u-n-c-h”, nope I’m not eating particularly noisy cereal, neither is it the sound of me walking on gravel, that’s the sound my camera made when it hit the ground earlier today. “Oh, that doesn’t look quite right”, that was my response at seeing my large 600mm still attached to the tripod lying on the ground whilst a short distance away my 1D4 was looking worryingly disconnected to the point on the lens it had been only seconds previously.

I’ve been to Whipsnade Zoo today with the express purpose of photographing some of their new arrivals specifically Eurasian Lynx kits as well as Cheetah cubs and whilst I’ve been successful in some ways, as you can guess from the intro, it’s also had it’s down sides. I’d spent a little time trying to spot the three new Lynx kits in their enclosure but without success so headed over to the wolves enclosure which was unusually busy. The wolves themselves were skulking around the treeline within their pen, casting wary glances at all the people gathered along the path adjacent to their cage. I’d set the camera up and was standing watching the animals in their home when I was approached by family interested in my camera and what I was doing. As I’ve said before, I do like these encounters and was mid conversation when she gasped and pointed at the place where my camera had been a millisecond before I had turned round. I can only think that one of the legs of the tripod wasn’t secured firmly enough and it retracted on it’s own. The good news, for my wallet and me, is that the lens, tripod and camera escaped scot free (well, maybe a scratch on the camera, but it’s in good company there’s loads on there already) however the 1.5x extender I had fitted between camera and lens didn’t fare so well… in fact it’s an ex-extender.. it’s photographic processes have ceased to function.

Returning back to the Lynx enclosure later in the afternoon my misfortunes were repaid with the sight of the three lynx cubs and both parents highly visible around their enclosure. I can’t say I’m 100% happy with the photos, either branches were obscuring the shot or the straight saw cut edges made the scene less realistic. However, as always it was a pleasure to watch these gorgeous big puddy tats, especially the kits which were in a very playfull mood at one point. Must remember to take a ball of yarn with me next time I go to help provide more entertainment for them.

* Young Lynx are called Kits… Kits.. glue… oh well, it could almost be called humour!


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