Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/09/2012

You Can With Canon!

Jaguar, originally uploaded by

I do wish they wouldn’t do it.. release new camera for me to salivate over; with Photokina nearly upon us there’s a raft of press releases doing the rounds, as well as as many rumours about possible releases. Two specific articles caught my attention, one real, one possibly real; the former news piece is for a tilt-shift lens from a relatively new manufacturer Samyang which might be a bit cheaper than those that Canon produce. These lenses have a number of creative uses, such as the correction of converging verticals when photographing buildings (the way parallel lines seem to bend towards each other the further up the building they go), as well as selective focusing within a scene which mimics macro depth of field making the image look like it’s a model (this one really is fantastic to see – the brain can’t quite work it you (“You mean Your Brain can’t quite work it out”, Ed.)) I did try a couple of Samyang lenses this year at Focus on Imaging, the UK camera show, they’re much cheaper than similar canon lenses and whilst they’re okay, I don’t think any will find their way into my camera bag any time soon (though I don’t mind being corrected on this).

The second item that really caught my attention this evening was a post on a website about the next G series camera from Canon, a replacement for the highly rated G12. Canon seem to have kept some of their camera releases to themselves as the next version number isn’t 13 or even 14 as you might expect but is in fact the G15 (probably something about superstitious numbers playing a factor I suspect). The only thing we have at the moment is a photo (which could be fake), and mention of the latest DIGIC processor that is in all the top end cameras…. but the photo does give one thing away, Dear Reader… IT HAS A VIEW FINDER… huzzah!


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