Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/09/2012

Ready To Doodle Do**

Cheetah, originally uploaded by

The floor of my office is covered with various offcuts of cardboard and my blood pressure is on the increase which can only mean one thing. My son has to create something to take into school on monday and I’m the one trying to think up suitable (and cheap) ideas. The topic for this term is “Myths and Legends”* from which my boy has chosen to research the Minotaur of Greek Legend and we now have to create a Minotaur Mask to take into school on Monday. With a busy weekend (which hopefully will be to your advantage, Dear Reader) ahead, and a drumming lesson to chauffeur my son to, I’ve had to spend the last hour or so cutting, sticking, and praying that the idea I have is suitable and that I can convert my ideas into reality. I’ve now made the basic shape out of various cardboard boxes and am feeling quite pleased with my efforts so far. So pleased in fact I was about to take my creation up to his room and lay it on the desk next to his bed, but I suddenly had visions of a scene from The Godfather and I certainly don’t want to traumatise him. There’s still some construction to be done, but it’s minor (taur) and I want them to paint what I’ve done so far and I will then add the finishing touches afterwards.

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic, my boy going back to school, the paralympics, holidays, music festivals but I’m finally getting out with my camera now, and have two big photo session planned this weekend and some long term plans which could make a difference I’m starting to get energised (dreadful term, up there with Legend, and Genius in my book!) both with photography and my creative writing (what do you mean I could try being creative here, you cheeky monkey!).

* Don’t get me started on this later term, it’s up there with Genius (which means “you’re quite good” these days) in my book.

** A children’s program on Cbeebies ( where the cast make things.


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