Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/09/2012

An Apple A Day (keeps the profits healthy)

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Today certainly seems to be a day of announcements, first Sony announces a new camera, which I’ll come on to in a minute, and then the bigger news – Apple announce the iPhone 5 (as well as a raft of other products), though for most it’s not as much a surprise as previous phone announcements. That’s not to say that the phone is lacking in new features, it’s more a reflection on how, in the last year the rumour mill seems to have had more in roads into the Apple camp so that when the announcement was finally made, most of the details had been posted previously on one website or another – Apple’s press release being more a sum up of the main points. Of all the numerous marketing details, there was one that caught my attention and actually made me chuckle (almost a Lol!) and reminded me of a clip from Spinal Tap (I’ve never seen the film, just clips). The press release described the new 4 inch retinal display has a much greater resolution, such that.. and this is what tickle me, the new resolution allows for Five rows of icons.. not Four (that’s one more… so now you see the link to Spinal Tap.. the guitarists amp went to 11 not 10, that’s one more than the rest).

So I mentioned Sony’s new camera is an odd one, and it looks like they’ve either taken a leaf out of or possibly recruited some Canon Executives when it comes to their pricing structure. The camera itself is very impressive, it’s about the size of a large compact camera and yet contains a 22Mp full frame sensor but the goodies don’t stop there. It has a 35mm (equivalent) Carl Zeiss lens which actually has a manual F-stop ring.. like in the good old days – you can even see the leaf shutters of the lens.. like in the good old days. Of course, it doesn’t have a built in viewfinder… that’s extra and it’s this point where Canon step in. Guess how much the viewfinder alone will be? $100? $200? Nope! Try $599! That’s just for a small square of glass that fits in the hot shoe.. so now you can guess my biggest gripe about this niche camera.. the price.. the camera weighs in at a hefty $2,800. It may be big on specification but it’s huge on price, and at only 482g it works out at nearly $6 per gram… and you know anything that is priced by the gram has to be exciting (I’m personally thinking of sugary sweets)!

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