Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/09/2012

Nothing to squawk about.

Macaw, originally uploaded by

It’s late, I really should have started thinking about writing this blog a little earlier in the day but it’s been one of those days where I’ve not even had time to pick up a camera. That’s not to say it’s been a wildly interesting day, the highlight was actually returning from the supermarket at 8.30pm, with the roof down looking up at the stars (I was the passenger I hasten to add, driving and looking up at the stars is bad for one’s health.. and car).

You may remember that whilst attending Reading Festival I ran into computer problems with my new laptop where I wasn’t able to connect to the home network and therefore… shudder.. the internet (I know, there’s nothing worse than not being able to connect to the Internet) and then the problem appeared to fix itself. I didn’t get to the bottom of the issue but it recently occurred again and this time I related what I’d been doing with the laptop that Festival evening in comparison to the same events which enabled me to resolve the issue immediately. For some reason, and I really should look up why, the laptop sometimes decides to simply reboot itself when I select shutdown which is a bit of an inconvenience. Instead of repeating the shutdown procedure I’ve simply been pressing the power button for the prescribed time which immediately shuts the machine off (a bit like pulling the power). Well, it would appear my beefy laptop is a bit sensitive to this and decides to punish me (not much though, possibly one or two shades of grey*) by curtailing any and all network activity. I guess I’ll have to treat it a little bit better from now on if I want to continue blogging from the comfort of my own sofa***

* Not read the book so really I don’t know what I’m talking about**
** “No change there then”, Ed.
*** “It’s okay, that’s not necessary… we’ve heard enough”, Ed.


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