Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/09/2012


Dam!, originally uploaded by

Hurrah! Fuji must have been listening to this little old blog (“yeah right!”, Ed.) as today they announced a new mirrorless camera, the X-E1, which answers the one big reservation I had about their flag ship camera, the X Pro-1, it’s price. The new camera has the same sensor as it’s bigger brother, as well as the same good looks, but for me, it’s missing one important thing… the one thing I’ve moaned and moaned about when it comes to these diminuative interchangeable lens cameras… a view finder. The new camera does gain a high resolution OLED back screen but why oh why dispense with the fantastic optical viewfinder of it’s sibling… oh yes, probably cost (and size)… but all is not lost… it does still retain the innovative electronic viewfinder from the X Pro-1. Could this be the camera to finally make me part with my hard earned cash? Well, no.. the camera is still $1000 before you even add a lens and as good as it may be for a walkabout camera, that’s still a huge chunk of change to shell out (and of course I wouldn’t want just one lens now would I!).

I will be posting some more wildlife photos soon, promise, but for the moment I’m enjoying exploring other disciplines within the photographic field. I am hoping that by trying new things that these will filter down into my images of the natural world (and unnatural of course) to produce something a bit different from the norm. It’s very easy to keep on churning out the same old images, and the last thing I want to do is bore you all… well with the photos anyway, it goes without saying with regards to the blog (no, you don’t have to say.. I said it goes without saying!)


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