Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/09/2012

Still Working!

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I’m glad my laptop has decided that it will continue to work as I don’t think I would be in the best of moods if it decided to play up again tonight. I’ve had a bit of a long day today, having got out of bed at 5.15am to prepare for our trip into London to watch the Paralympic Athletics in the main stadium which started at 10am. Our journey went to plan, in fact it decided we’d planned so well that it would make up some extra time for us so we could have a treat before we took our seats to watch the athletes perform; whilst the sugary waffles with strawberries and lashings of whipped cream were a treat for our stomachs, the price wasn’t a treat for my wallet.. I won’t say how much, but our lunch cost less!

I was, once again, spellbound by the athletes, and the more I watched the deeper and deeper my respect grew for these people who not only battle each other in numerous sports but also against the disadvantages that have been dealt to them whether that’s the lost of sight, limbs or other debilitating ailments – they’ve not let it stop them following their dreams. More than once I found there were tears in my eyes, not out of pity, but out of wonder at how amazing these people are. There were two highlights for us, we were lucky enough to see Stef Reid win Silver at the Women’s Long Jump (F42/44 class), and then Aled Davis won Gold in the Men’s Discus (F42) with an amazing last throw (he had been in the lead all the way through the competition).

We were lucky enough to be sat on the lower level half way between the Olympic Flame (which looks even better in person, and also gives off a nice warmth especially with a low cloud base) and the finish line so were in prime position to see the start of the 400m and 1500m races as well as the finish of the 100m and 200m races (yes, and the 400m and 1500m). The morning was jam packed and even though the events went over time, we didn’t want them to stop – we wanted to stay and watch them all day.

We finally traversed the bridge that leads to the main stadium around 2pm back into the main olympic park and somehow managed to spend another five hours walking around looking at the sight, listening to the crowds and smelling the delicious smells coming from the numerous hot food stalls. We finally arrived home some 16 hours after we had first got up, as I said.. it’s been a bit of a long day!


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