Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/09/2012


Howzat!, originally uploaded by

Did you hear that roar earlier, Dear Reader? If you were wondering, it wasn’t the roar from the mythical Essex (or Yorkshire for that matter*) Lion which seemed to eclipse all other news stories for a couple of days**, nor was it the din from some new supersonic spy plane.. it was simply me powering on my laptop, though the sound wasn’t emanating from the computer but myself. I’d mentioned how both wired and wireless connections of any sort had suddenly stopped work last week when returning from the festival one night. Yes, you’ve got there before me… I powered the machine up today and without even touching the darn thing, both wired and wireless connections sprung into life. So the sound you heard was my primal scream, the bellow of rage when I spotted that the weather widget was working without any intervention.. the system logs didn’t even show anything different. Grrrrrrr!

For once, Dear Reader, you get to see some of my sports photography (mainly because I don’t have any nature photos to share and I haven’t posted anything for quite a few days); after a morning photographing kids football with cloud not helping to produce any half decent photos (well, what I would call half decent that is) we hot footed it over to Taplow, a little village between Maidenhead and Slough, to watch a friend who was playing cricket in the most idyllic of settings. The cricket pitch is surrounded by tall bushes, with a beautiful old house overlooking it on one side, the grounds of a church yard nearby and birds calling from the wealth of trees that surrounded the remainder of the ground.

We arrived halfway through the home team’s innings, and more importantly, before Tea had been served (after all ten players are bowled out, or the first team to play reaches their allotted 50 overs, they stop for a bite to eat… very civilised!). Unfortunately I think the team were keen on having a bite to eat not long after settling down to photograph the teams inning, they were all out for 192 a worrying score with 57 overs left for the opposing team. With the sun still shining, the visitors came into bat and they soon had scores on the board. We had to leave early but not before we’d managed to see the stumps fly off the wickets with a spectacular bowl. Howzat!

* There were reports of a lioness with cub near Shepley, West Yorkshire last November. The animals were never found.

** It was evident, from the one photo that I saw published, that the animal was a breed of domestic cat that is renowned for growing particularly large, the Maine Coon Cat.


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