Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/08/2012

The Best Laid Plans….

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I went to the cinema last night, nothing much interesting in that, but I was amazed at the coincidence I saw once inside. Bearing in mind what we were discussing yesterday, Dear Reader, or rather what I was boring you all with – I was surprised to see a sign on the wall announcing that the cinema were using Sony 4K projectors in some of their auditoriums. The film we wasn’t shot in 4K from what I can see, but the picture certainly did look sharper with more definition (in parts, in other parts I think the cameraman filming the action forgot about focus altogether) but of course this could be a perception thing once I was aware of the cinema’s capabilities.

You would think with all this talk that I’m interested in movies, movie making, and home cinema systems but nothing could be further from the truth, it’s the impact it might have further down the chain on the stills photography world that interests me a bit like the way that innovations in the formula one world many years later filters its way down into the average motor car. I’m not saying movie making is better but, especially in the case of high frame rate capture of double digit megapixel capture where the ability to process a large amount of data then pass it to storage.

It just goes to show, that whatever you plan there’s always a curve ball around the corner. The next couple of days were all planned out, and with two sporting events to photograph tomorrow I was looking forward to a day snapping away at various animals on the following day however all has changed. As you may have read we attended a number of Olympic events earlier in the month, we noticed this week that there were some tickets available for the Paralympics but missed out through prevarication we missed out on the first tranche of tickets – however this evening, whilst preparing the evening meal we heard that more tickets had been released which we pounced upon and now we’re off to see the athletics on sunday morning in the Olympic Stadium! Needless to say, even though we were excited at the prospect of a zoo visit (we’ve not been in a couple of months) we’re overjoyed at the prospect of to watch any of the Paralympic events – and to be in the main stadium is just the icing on the cake.


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