Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/08/2012

Lilly the pink

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Canon announced two camera’s yesterday but once again, I don’t have any interest in either of them as they’re both Full HD cinema cameras, the second more expensive camera can film in the next big thing in Film/TV – 4K. For those who don’t know, Full HD, such as your TV may display, is at a resolution of 1920×1080, a big jump from old analogue TV’s 640 x 480 display. 4K, as the name kind of suggests is another similar jump up to 4096 x 2,160 but this is the end of it… guess what, Dear Reader, there’s another display standard being developed and it’s imaginatively called 8K, I’ll leave you to work out the resolutions! For each of these jumps, you will of course need a new TV and if you want the latest 80 inch 8K TV (why would you, there’s nothing being broadcast this way, or media you can play) then you’d better get saving as LG have just announced the price for one of these behemoths…. $30,000!

There’s a few bits and pieces I’m toying with the idea of purchasing at the moment, top of the list is a circular polariser specifically for the 600mm lens. I thought the list would be a relatively inexpensive one, but guess what Dear Reader, I hadn’t allowed for that “digital photography” premium – the polariser along is around £170. Now I know what a difference this could make to my photography but I can’t quite rationalise the price for this 58mm drop in filter, I guess Canon figure when you’ve spent so much on a lens, another £170 won’t make much difference. Don’t get me started on hides either!


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