Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/08/2012

Go Buddy Go!

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It took a few days, I even thought I’d gotten the better of it, but all my recent late nights have finally caught up with me and I could quite easily fall asleep as I write this, which is ironic as you’re probably falling asleep whilst you read this!

With the last week taken up with Festivals and other detours, I’ve not taken any photos though that wasn’t through any inactivity on my behalf. With a spare morning before the festival, and waking up unusually early I decided to head out into the wilds to see what I could snap; word must have reached the animals and birds before I’d even set off as I managed to see a Kestrel and a Red Kite but they were in the distance flying away from me. Typical.

I had stated that I was planning on completing the book version of my 2012 Africa trip whilst away on holiday, and the intention was certainly there, however the software that I thought I had installed was not. I did make an attempt on the book earlier but it transpires the software will not allow me to create the type of layout I had in mind, so I’m either going to have to compromise on my ideas for the book or find better software. I’ve already tried two of the free versions available to me, but neither have allowed the type of freedom I want when combining text and graphics. I really can’t be that demanding, can I?

I’m still experiencing issues with my laptop and it’s frustrating the hell out of me, Dear Reader (excuse the language!). For some reason, neither the wired or wireless network connection work, but there are signs that at some point it has connected to the broadband router to collect it’s network configuration. It then just seems to clam up when it comes to communicating with the outside world – again a bit of irony there for you, Dear Reader, as I guess many of you are wishing the same thing would happen to me! Perhaps it’s a sign that I should stop all this blogging malarkey, but having completed 20 months of continuous writing, I’m not going to stop until I reach I complete two complete years worth of writing. Epic… literally!


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