Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/08/2012

A (Rock ‘n’) Rollin’ Stone Gathers No Moss

Elan Valley, originally uploaded by

Today’s blog, you will be glad to hear Dear Reader, is going to be a short one, through necessity rather than desire. I’ve been up early, out and about looking for signs of wildlife to photograph and now have an hour or so before it’s time to head off to my annual music pilgrimage… Reading Festival. Over the last few years, as I’ve already documented, music isn’t core to my existence as it once seemed to be, I don’t bother what new bands are about – though this festival is always good to discover new groups as well as enjoy long term favourites. Today’s highlight should be the The Cure who are headlining the main stage (there are 5 stages dotted around the site) but it’s always difficult going with expectations – I know the Cure aren’t the most dynamic band on stage and I’m not sure if they’ll utilise the screens and stage in the Manic Street Preachers, Muse or Radiohead do – but I’ll enjoy their set nonetheless, even if it’s for nostalgia’s sake (yes, they’re coming along too).

Following on from yesterday’s blog (thanks for keeping me on track Mark, I’m glad some of you out there are paying attention!), the Red Kites did finally make an appearance at Gigrin Farms feeding station some of the photo having been uploaded yesterday. I was hoping for bright blue skies, with the sun shining down illuminating the birds beautiful plumage and whilst this did happen it was as we were making our way back to our holiday cottage. The result are some passable, if somewhat drab, photos that don’t do the birds justice which as a photographer somewhat pains me. We do have a village fairly close to where I live that is a well known haunt for these birds, and I’ve been there on a summer Sunday’s afternoon as these birds circle overhead – I might well have some better luck there and finally get the pictures of these birds that might even be worthy of being printed out. (“Steady on there!”, Ed.)

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