Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/08/2012

Water a Wonderful Holiday!

Hello Everyone, I’m back.. did you miss me? I’d like to report that I’ve returned from our family holiday, tanned and rested but I’d be lying if I did; despite the majority of the UK being bathed in sun for the whole week, we seemed to be in the one place in these fair lands where the rain decided to make an appearance.. and boy did it make an appearance. Our hopes were unfairly raised when we arrived in Cardiff to watch the last of the Olympic events we had tickets for, the football match between Japan and South Korea at the Millenium Stadium. We walked through the streets thronging with 72,000 people all there to attend the event, with the sun shining down on us, in fact when we first took our seats high up in the top tear, the late afternoon sun was directly in our eyes, but we didn’t mind… no, it was a good omen for the rest of our holiday wasn’t it? Of course it wasn’t!

We knew the weather had turned against us as we set out for a short three mile walk around the edge of one of the reservoirs in the Elan Valley when only a third of the way into our walk (I was tracking our progress via GPS on my phone, well it wasn’t much use for anything else seeing as I couldn’t get a signal for most of the week!) the heavens opened and I do mean opened.. the rain was coming down like stair rods. With nowhere to shelter from the rain, we continued on with our walk, and I think it was at this point we made our biggest mistake… instead of cowering out of the rain, we merely continued on, laughing and joking – the weather must have taken an afront to this (yes, a low pressure one… boom, boom) and decided we were laying down a gauntlet for it (if only, my hands would have kept dry if I had gloves of any sort) and the inclement weather continued on for much of the holiday in a similar vein. So if I do seem slightly more tanned than normal (which isn’t difficult, my tan can be measured using a Dulux Brilliant White swatch card), it’s probably due more to mud than it is the sun!



  1. Welcome to Wales! Now you know what I have to put up with! I am currently up in Poston in Herefordshire on the Welsh border and it’s still persistently coming down! 😦

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