Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/08/2012

In Absentia, Day Eight

Wild Boar piglet, originally uploaded by

Phew, getting near the end of this mammoth blogging session, though some of them could be considered blogettes (or perhaps long tweets) such is the brevity of their text.  I know there’s no rule to blogging, some people prefer shorter prose, some prefer more photos but I’ve always try to adhere to Terry Pratchett’s statement that if you want to write professionally that you need to write at least 250 words a day, even if you discard them, as it’s a writer’s equivalent of a warm up session for someone like Usain Bolt.  In the interest of time, or rather because of the lack of it, a few of these blogs have slipped under that high hurdle of a bench mark (if we’re carrying on with the athletic metaphor), seeing my Gold Medal attempt slip down the rankings until all I can hope for it a pat on the back, and shown the exit (I’ll be lucky if I get either or those of course).

Holidays are all about downtime and spending it with the family, but I will be lugging my laptop along with me, allowing me to upload photos as well as continue my writing whilst away.  This has posed me with a further issue, as the new laptop is considerably larger than any previous ones I’ve owned (and I’ve owned most sizes at one time or another, from 10” netbooks through to 16” notebooks).  With an 18” screen, this monster no longer fits in the special camera bag I bought to house both laptop and camera gear in an attempt to reduce the number of bags I carried from two to one.  As I’ll also be taking the 600mm lens with me, which has its own camera bag, I’ll have at least 4 bags of equipment.. 600mm and camera in one, the remainder of the lenses I’ll be taking along with a second camera body, a shoulder bag which will have all the associated cables/chargers/card readers etc and finally a bag for my laptop.  The other issue then of course, which I’ve not mentioned to the family, is the amount of boot space I’ll need, I’ll just have to convince them they don’t need to take much with them… wish me luck!


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