Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/08/2012

In Absentia, Day Seven

White Rhino, originally uploaded by

I’m sure I’ll bore you all endlessly with more Olympic tails before the week is out, and I’m sure you’ve all seen footage from the games but one thing that might not have been shown (I’ve not watched all of the coverage) is how beautiful the grounds are. Of course the buildings themselves (the permanent ones) are magnificent works of architecture but the planting in the numerous green spaces (and any small spaces they can find) is beautiful. The planted areas are not your formal types (though there are some that are a little more regimented), they look very natural as if they’ve been left to grow that way for decades, though the density of flowers is much greater than normal floral spaces.  Whilst I did have my camera phone with me and could have taken some photos, they wouldn’t have been able to capture the scene and do it justice so I decided to just enjoy the spectacle – you won’t be surprised to learn that I did take numerous photos using phone, these photos being snaps to remember the moment.. that’s if you can make out what they’re supposed to be !


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