Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 14/08/2012

In Absentia, Day Five

Ring-tailed Lemur, originally uploaded by

You might not believe this, Dear Reader, but I wasn’t the photographer I am now when I last visited Gigrin Farm and as such the photos I took were somewhat lacking.  They were somewhat lacking any strong keylight, with a low grey cloudbase all the birds were top, with no definition in their underwing plumage.  Photographers wait for the sun to be low down in the sky before trying to photograph birds in the sky, but we do have another weapon at our disposal, a flashgun, however quite often these birds are at distance out of range of these light sources.  I do have a secret weapon that might help achieve the types of photos I want if the light levels are not as desirable as i would like.  I mentioned before I went to Africa about a flash extender that I purchase for the trip which effectively triples the distance the flash will work, and it’s been moved to the front of my camera cupboard ready to be packed this evening (providing I get my act together and finish all the blogs I need write before i leave for Cardiff to watch the final Olympic event we have tickets for).  Looking at the five day weather forecast, it does look like I’ll be needing it as true to form when we’re away on holiday, the rain is coming along with us even though we didn’t invite it. Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Back On Another Day… when we’re not here!


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