Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/08/2012

In Absentia, Day Three

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I’m hoping the holiday home we’re staying in, in Mid-Wales has a good TV Signal as I’ve just been reading that the closing ceremony for the Olympic Festival promises to be a real music-fest, celebrating the last 50 years of British music with over 20 acts performing in the two and a half hour show.   Muse, a band I’ve seen live and whose music I do like, are bound to be playing as they composed/played the official Olympic song “Survival” which whilst not one of their best is certainly fitting for the Games and should win them some new fans who may not have been aware of them prior to the Olympics.

As I’ve mentioned I was stunned to see Mike Oldfield perform during the Opening Ceremony, knowing his love (or not) of performing live, which has set a precedent now, so who knows who we may well see up on stage.  There has been talk of Kate Bush, a performer who I can actually understand why people like her but for some reason I can’t seem to enjoy, as well as possibly The Who and Blur, all whom have contributed to music (rather than musical sales, there is a different in my mind).  Then there’s the obvious money spinners, Take That and the Spice Girls, both who leave me cold when it comes to pushing the boundaries of music as an Art, though again, I can see why people like them but the real coup de gras for influential bands of the last 40 years would be to have either Led Zeppelin or The Smiths as a closing act.  I don’t suspect the former will perform and I know the later won’t especially in light of mild manner, quietly spoken lead man Morrissey’s little outburst recently.  So unlike him, contentious comments.



  1. Hope you got a good signal up in Powys and managed to catch the show. Personally, I get a little bored with it.
    I did enjoy Beady Eye, who I must own up and say I don’t remember hearing of before, and of course Daltrey and Townsend. I did a couple of gigs with the Who in the early days 1964 when they were still called the HIgh Numbers. I can’t recall whose son is on drums now, it’s either Zac Starky Ringo’s boy or John Bonham’s son. Whatever, they were great considering there is only really two of em left!
    I’m so glad Morrissey was not on the bill else I would have turned off!! Dislike him with a vengeance. My Dear old mate Tony Visconti, produced his last album and continues to sing his praises, saying what a great performer he is and what fun they had making the album. But I’m afraid he will never convince me.
    Hope you are catching the feeding times, you will probably find that your big 600 baby will be a bit redundant in those hides, I do hope you enjoy and looking forward to the pics.

  2. Gigrin was good fun, as you well know, though the weather wasn’t kind to me until all my camera gear was packed away in the car – still I managed a few shots which will appear on here sooner or later.

    Beady Eye – it’s the spin off band from Oasis, Noel is releasing records under his own name, Liam is Beady Eye. Oddly he performed Noel’s greatest Oasis song, Wonderwall.

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