Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/08/2012

In Absentia, Day Two.

Astrantia, originally uploaded by

Phew, I thought I was going to rattle through all these “In Absentia” blog entries but I’m obviously not in my writing groove at the moment; it’s amazing how many distractions you can find when you need to get something done.Of course it’s all the BBC’s fault, their coverage of the Olympics is just too good to miss, plus I’ve run out of new comedy episodes to listen to on their listen again service iPlayer which I find always write along to.  You would think, with my love of music, that this would be a good accompaniment to such tasks but I don’t find it helps all that much; I suspect it’s because if I’m actively listening to music I’m fairly involved with my listening choice, rather than letting it benignly waft over me.

My son is showing musical leanings; he’s just started to learn to play the drums having had three lessons and now carries the drum sticks and practise pad he received as a present from us for his birthday everywhere he goes.  Even when he’s just sitting watching TV, you can hear him practising – at the moment he has to practise the Flam stroke, a very basic one but one he loves as it’s the one used by Roger Taylor for the Queen song “We Will Rock You”.  With the type of music I listen to, I’ve not really seen the drumming greats, the best drummer I can ever remember is Colm Ó Cíosóig from My Bloody Valentine whose style was as eclectic as that of Keith Moon, drummer of the Who.  Seeing them live at Nottingham Polytechnic, who seemed to always get the coolest of bands to visit them much to our chagrin, the similarities were heightened  – Colm was lit from the front, so his shadow was projected on the large back wall of the sports hall they playing (the acoustics were amazing, not what you’d expect from such a building) and I can still picture this larger than life image of what would appear to be an octopus keeping time and creating a huge sound at the same time.  I’ve not managed to see My Bloody Valentine since they reformed but I’m content with the images (not forgetting the voices) in my head.


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