Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/08/2012

In Absentia, Day One.

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It may have come to your attention that we’re going away for a week for a family holiday, tagging this on to our trip to Cardiff (Wales) to watch the Olympic Football.  There’s a wealth of wildlife photographic opportunities available to us with the famous Gigrin Farm where up to 600 birds can be seen performing their aerial maneuvers as they come to feed, however a new one presented itself today when a Blue Shark was filmed swimming in the shallow waters of a West Wales tourist beach.  Admittedly the shark itself wasn’t a particularly large one and posed no threat to anyone (though of course the media didn’t report it that way) but it’s interesting that a fish more associated with temperate oceans has been caught on camera off the coast of a country that’s not particularly known for its tropical temperatures.  There is no doubt in my mind that the planet is warming up, the evidence is all around us with more exotic creatures making Blighty their new home –  I’ll know when it’s warm when vultures start circling over road kill rather than the Kites.



  1. Enjoy Gigrin, one of my favourite places Give Phil and Lena (his mum) my best wishes. Tell them it’s Mark the one with the Gigrin Wheel Cover on the truck.! Looking forward to your pics.

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