Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/08/2012

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I think I’ve managed to cure my addiction but it wasn’t easy, you know, I must have been a 50 to 60 a day but I can honestly say in the last 4 hours I’ve not checked the BBC website to see how Team GB are doing in the medals table. Admittedly, I took a trip into town for a quarter of that time to ensure I wasn’t tempted to look. Normality seems to be returning to the rest of the BBC website, and whilst the Olympics does feature on the front page, it’s not completely filling the whole of it – amazingly there is other things going on in the world, either that or we don’t have many gold prospects on the cards.

I’m still giggling about an interview I heard on the radio this evening, on Radio 4 no less. Eddie Mair, the well respected presenter of drive time new program PM was talking to a Liberal politician about another schism occurring in the coalition. this time over MPs voting about reforms to the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The comment seemed to go over the head of the politician, either that or he’s so attuned at avoiding such needling questions but I found it very funny when Mair asked him… “you commented on their childish actions, so I just want to know.. did they start it?” as if it were some sort of school playground fight.

I checked out the lineup for Reading (and Leeds) Festival earlier on as it’s time to start thinking about who I want to see, on what stage and whether any of the band performances coincide. I should clarify first that this is a music festival that is held each year in a town in the South of England called Reading, not one where we sit around in a field reading books! The event takes place over three days with over 190 bands/performers playing over 6 stages so there’s always plenty to see, sometimes there’s too much and we have to hot-foot it from one stage to another to see two bands that are performing at the same time. Despite what would appear to be more than enough acts to catch, I’ve highlighted 16 bands that I definitely want to see, this though could be more because I don’t really follow the Indie music scene any more and so I haven’t heard of a lot of the groups playing – it’s my age you know, all these new bands sound the same!

*We’re back from our trip to the Olympics, tired but glad we went…. more when I’ve recovered.


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