Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/08/2012


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I’ve just realised that I’ve got my work cut out for me over the next few days; unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be aware that the UK is currently hosting the 2012 Olympic games. We’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to three events, albeit the less popular ones, two football (… yes… soccer..) and a hockey match all taking place of the next week or so. We live close enough to London to hop on a train for one of the afternoon events but the hockey, which is held in the Olympic Park, is an evening event that predicates the needs to stay “In Town” (as we call it). This does mean I’ll not have my usual computer access to write my blog and as such I’ll have to start to composing them ahead of the date in question. After my mammoth Kenya travellog, writing each day has not been as easy – though without distractions I can bang out a blog fairly quickly, it’s just there are far too many distractions around to sidetrack my attention. Having dropped my son off at a party a week or so ago, I headed for a local burger bar which had free wifi with my laptop and with the only thing diverting my writing was to take an occasional mouthful of food, before I knew it I had a freshly pressed blog entry (and the desire for a salad!).

Of course one of the major distractions at the moment is the London 2012 Olympics, if you hadn’t noticed. Team GB have had an amazing day, medal wise, and have progressed up the medals table from 11, where they started the day, to 5th with golds in cycling, shooting, white water kayaking amongst a plethora of others. I’m just watched a tense game of Basketball between Spain and Team GB. What amused me, and you must have come to realise by now Dear Reader that I do tend to see the humour in any situation, and this one wasn’t particularly subtle was the tool the Spanish coach was using to draw out tactical moves to team players during a time out. You would expect in this technological age, that ipads or android tablets would be employed to draw out such moves but instead the coach was using a children’s magnetic sketch drawing board, a bit like an etch-a-sketch but with a stylus instead of dials. My son had one when he was younger and so I could help but chuckle when I saw the coach use a bar to clear the drawing, moving it back and forth along the top of the unit just like my boy used to do. Still if it works!


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