Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 24/07/2012

In The Pink

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What is it with camera gear, no sooner have I said I’m not interested in x/y/z then along comes a couple of announcements to upset the apple cart. You know I said I wasn’t vaguely interested in Canon’s flagship camera, the 1Dx? My head has been turned today after reading a review by a well known wildlife photographer who has given an impartial review of the camera concluding it’s the best autofocus in a camera he’s ever used. His review also comments on how impressive the images are at high ISO, even at ISO 8000 the images are relatively clear of noise and are more than passable for publications. Praise indeed… damn!

If this weren’t enough, my stance on the micro 4/3 series of cameras now needs a re-think even though I only really made my mind up in the last few days; this was after seeing a news article on the web from a company who is going to produce an adapter that will allow you to use Canon EF mount lenses with certain micro 4/3 cameras. The press release doesn’t say whether image stabilization will work but you will still be able to control the f-stop. No mention has been made as to the final cost of the adapter, however cheap it is – I don’t think I’ll be buying one, even though it does seem like a good idea.

I have noticed, when looking back through my Flickr stream, that I appear to have taken fewer floral photographs this year than in previous years. Despite my inability to remember plant names, whether common or latin, it’s one side to photography that I particularly enjoy and seem to be quite good at. The odd weather we’ve had this year has been the biggest problem, both in terms of low light levels with all the rain as well as the disruption it has caused to the plants growth patterns with them starting to grow early, bloom for a limited time at the wrong time of year. However frustrating it may be for me as a photographer it’s nothing, trivial in fact, compared to what effect it’s had on wildlife. A report published recently in the UK by the National Trust has dramatically stated that the unseasonal seasons has had an apocalyptic effect which could render many local species extinct, or close to. I do hope that the report is being a bit melodramatic to spur us all into action as the alternative is just depressing to contemplate. Cheerful tonight aren’t I 😉


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