Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/07/2012

What’s In A Word

African Elephant, originally uploaded by

There’s a definite art to writing a blog each day, Dear Reader, (one I hope to achieve some day!); since my return from Kenya (have I mentioned I’ve been to Africa recently?) and one which I’m having difficulty getting back into after my more journalistic style whilst travelling. It feels a bit like my other major passion, photography, where you specialise in one style at the detriment of other avenues of the discipline.

I suppose that with my travellog all I’m doing is reflecting on what I’m seeing, putting my interpretation on the world around me whereas for the majority of the last eighteen months each blog has started with a blank sheet/screen for me to try and fill with something that might be vaguely interesting. Each day I’ve had to think of a thread to weave some words around, bend it a relevant title however tenuous it might be, and finish it with some attempt at humour – however formulaic that might be, it seems to have kept me going for over 540 days. With the mental change needed for the **journalistic** style it seems I’ve forgotten how to aimlessly waffle away around a subject, and keep it fairly coherent.

Canon did indeed announce the release of the EOS M mirrorless camera along with two lenses which will feature a similar sensor to the 650d. What I hadn’t seen, until now, was the price and it’s not as bad as I had feared, though it’s not cheap. The top package costs £879 and includes the camera and two lenses, a 22mm f/2 pancake lens and the more versatile 18-55mm (remember these all have be times by 1.6 due to the cropped nature of the sensor). Neither of these lenses, or the camera, really spark my interest, though that could be down to the Fuji X Pro1 that is residing in the back of my mind like it’s sitting in class with arm raise say “pick me, pick me”. Curse you, Fuji X Pro1 and your classic lines, you will not turn my head any more!


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