Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/07/2012

You Can’t Get Rid Of Me That Easily

Wattled Lapwing, originally uploaded by

If you think it’s all over, well, it isn’t yet! The flight back to Mombasa is uneventful, and the closer we get to our destination, the more cloud appears. We land at an airstrip to the North of the main airport, it’s evident that the rain which is now falling from the sky has been doing so for a while now, it looks like we’ve been lucky with the weather whilst on the Mara. It’s a ten minute hop to the main airport, our bags are quickly transferred to our waiting minibus and we set off, through the armed security gate at the entrance to the airport and out into Mombasa. Initially there is little traffic on the street, but we’ve arrived back at rush hour and soon we’re in the midst of people making their way home any way they can, as driver, passenger, or pedestrian.

It takes us an hour to get to the hotel, and before we climb the four flights of stairs (oxygen masks are available at reception) to our room we stop for a cold Tusker beer… it’s been a long hot day. There’s just time to freshen up, wash away some of the dust from the arid plains of the Mara, before dinner is served but that in itself is an experience. Infrastructure, which we take for granted in the western world, is as you can appreciate sadly lacking in Africa, the tap in the bathroom has a sticker plastered over the mirror above it informing guests that the water is not suitable for drinking. Fresh drinking water is provided in a flask, along with sealed bottles, and having washed my face (an ‘ands ‘enry ‘iggins) it becomes immediately obvious why. There’s no bad odours or colouration to the stream coming out of the tap, and the temperature is just right, but the soap won’t lather properly due to the amount of salt in the water. The hotel has its own bore to provide water but as we’re located right next to the sea, there’s little they could do about the ingress of the sea into the natural water table.

This isn’t the last of our animal adventures, Dear Reader, if you thought that the rest of my blogging would be about a restful stay at a beach side abode. We take the next day to catch our breath before another early start (4.15am) on our penultimate day, but you’ll have to wait another day for that.


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