Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 28/06/2012

From Where to Eternity?

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19th June: Somewhere over Libya…
Well, we’re finally on our way to Kenya, some …. actually, I’m too tired to try and work out how far we are behind schedule, it’s now 18:53 UK time on Tuesday (those in the UK are probably watching the England vs Ukraine football match) according to the time on my tablet. Despite our promised 6pm departure time, we actually left around 7pm local time, and here’s the real icing on the cake… guess what gate we departed from.. yes, Dear Reader you’re way ahead of me… of all the gates, in all the world… we had to depart from Gate 13… play it again, Sam. Actually Sam, if you could resist from any repeat performances and just allow us to arrive as intended at our destination.

I want to make films*.. I want to make the type of films that have people talking out loud to the characters, trying to influence their actions. I’m watching Hugo, and am drawn in by the performance of Ben Kingsley, anything that can provoke such strong emotions has to be important, even with the intransient nature of the movies these days. As with a great number of movies I’ve watched whilst cruising at 33,000ft, Hugo seems to be such an amazing film thought I will admit that when it first started it seemed a little dull – however I’m now being drawn into the movie, and the depth and subtlety is pure magic… and that is, after all, what the movie business is all about. I will, however Dear Reader, reserve judgement until I return to Dear Old Blighty so I can sit through it in the cold light of day. “If you lose your purpose, it’s like you’re broken”… holey moley. The signs, it would seem Dear Reader, are all around me – I just need to interpret them.

10.35 Kenya time (but still not there yet!), and I’ve got my second wind (it was probably the beans at breakfast).. thought this might have something to do with the coffee I’ve just finished my meal with… possibly not the best decision in the last 24 hours, but certainly not the worst. I still can’t believe we’re only just over 24 hours from leaving the UK… so much has happened and it won’t stop there. We’ve been informed that we will be arriving in at Mombasa airport around 2am, add an extra hour for getting through immigration and then an extra hour for the transfer to the hotel… so we’ll get to our final destination around 4am. This might pose something of an issue as we’re scheduled to then meet our contact in Kenya at 6am before heading off to the Masai Mara.. I guess I should be getting some sleep but The A Team is playing and even though I’ve seen it before I can’t help but watch it again. I Love it when a plan comes together… which is more than I can say about diverted flights!

*I put it down to the lack of sleep (you need to read the following two blogs to make any sense of this blog: and )

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