Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 26/06/2012

See You Soon

Waterbuck, originally uploaded by andyskelton-a Blog a day

I should have landed in the UK by the time you get to read this, and whilst I will have the time to put some words together I suspect after a nine hour flight, the last thing I will feel like doing is putting some words together when I finally get home.  Of course, with 9 hours stuck in a metal cylinder hurtling through the air at unnatural speeds, I might well have more than enough words to post – though I probably won’t want to spend time messing with a computer.  Don’t worry though, Dear Reader, I’m sure I’ll be boring you, I mean informing you, about my trip for months to come.

Worryingly, the test I did today with the scheduled post, which should have updated my blog without intervention missed the allotted time and it wasn’t until I went to check that it was set up correctly that it actually posted.  It will be rather upsetting if, after having spent so much time putting words together to ensure that I don’t miss my blog a day for 2012 (and then that really will be it!), it fails through something I don’t have control over.  I will of course be testing scheduling some more over the next couple of days, to see whether this was a one off or not.  Fingers crossed.  See you on the other side.


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