Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/06/2012

Captain Beaky

Yellow-billed Storks, originally uploaded by andyskelton-a Blog a day

You may well find that whilst I’m away on Safari, that more than one blog is posted per dar, Dear Reader.  I’m hoping with the wizbang new application from WordPress on my tablet and mobile phone that I can post new entries on here whilst in the middle of the Mara.  I did have the same mobile phone with me last year however the blog application didn’t have the same level of functionality as it now does, so creating a new posting was nigh on impossible. When I first downloaded the upgrade to the application it felt like Christmas had arrived early, such was the raft of changes to the program.  I will still use a third party application to put the words together (no it’s not a random word generator – those really are my spelling and grammatical errors) so that I don’t have to be online all the time (a little difficult in the Mara) and paste what I’ve written into WordPress app when I’m finally ready to post.. well, that’s the theory.

On another note I’m going to make a concerted effort to build my boy a new model railway layout when I return from Safari. Having bought a piece of software to help me plan the new layout, I devised a system that could be broken up into four pieces, three of them then being stored away whilst the main board could then be used independently.  With three of the boards constructed, I should be able to quickly put the last one together though this is where the fun and games could start.  The four base boards need to light up correctly each time so that the rails all fit together otherwise we’ll be re-enacting Great Train Disasters of Our Time; I’ve bought special cabinet makers dowels to help achieve this alignment issue but fixing it is easier said than done… especially as I don’t own the tools necessary.  Luckily I know a man who does (thanks Dad), and so will be getting on with the work when I return.. full steam ahead.


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