Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/06/2012

Iloveyou, you’remybestmate… hic.

There’s nothing quite like it, you know, Dear Reader.  After a tiring day, up and out at 5am for the first game drive of the day, camera shutter click mimicking the call of the cicada, a bite to eat around noon and then out again until 7pm bouncing around in the 4×4 on the arid plains of the Mara the finest site when you return to camp is that first cold bottle of Tusker Beer that’s waiting for you and which seems to amazingly evapourate quite quickly.  I’ve said before, that whenever I’m in foreign climes I always try and taste the local brews as well as the food though there are times when perhaps I shouldn’t.

Whilst in Fiji at a local ceremony, two of us were made honorary Chiefs and had to partake in their tribal custom where a bowl of yaqona was passed between the leaders.  This drink was made from ground up Kava roots, and whilst it had a mild peppery taste that wasn’t the fun part for the locals, it was the anesthetic properties that made the drinkers lips numb though they did drink from the bowls themselves!  Tusker beer also has similar properties, if you consume too much you also have trouble talking… walking… keeping from the room from spinning round as well!


  1. Forget the booze you devil! Get snapping…we want to see lots of exciting pics when you return. Hope you having a great time


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