Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/06/2012


What goes around, comes around. I’m not talking about Karma, and I wasn’t saying those words in a Marlon Brando/Godfather type voice either – I was more refering that despite the continual strive for progress and change (or to keep selling us stuff!) that things don’t really change much, or rather they may change for a bit, and then they’ll change back. What I’m trying to say, Dear Reader, in such a clumsy way is that despite all this change, it’s rather interesting that the new version of Microsoft Office, version 2013, seems to have dropped the confusing button bar (or Ribbon) that was introduced in version 2007 in preference to a menu bar. I know a great many people who will be happy at this news, disliking the ribbon bar, and are forever trying to find where specific options have been moved to. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose… in other words.

Despite the number of releases from Canon so far this year, it looks like there could be more cameras on the way. Details are sketchy, but there could be some more full frame cameras due, as well as the large mega pixel camera I mentioned before. With a possible mirrorless camera as well, Canon would certainly have a broad and varied range of cameras on offer… none of which I’d be interested in! As I’ve said before (with so much repetition, I’ll never get on Just a Minute) the 1D4 is such a fantastic camera it will be a long time before I even start thinking about replacing it.. though I have found one thing on the camera that I would change, shock horror! With all the macro work I’ve undertaken recently, I’ve found myself using a button on the camera that stops down the lens’ diaphragm to ensure that the depth of field is set as I envisaged. I suspect when i first learnt to use this feature on an older camera that it was located in a different postion and it’s that point that I immediately try and locate. This happens to be the point where the lens release button is, which has nearly caused a few issues in the past couple of weeks. It’s not so much a DoF button now, as a D’Oh button!


* Rolling Rolling Rolling… yes, wait for it… it’s a Lilac Fronted.. Roller!


  1. Ciao, what a great shot, a very colorful bird, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. That’s a beautiful bird you shot there!

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