Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/06/2012

Click.. Click.. Click.. Click.. ad infinitum

I should be on safari by the time you read this and I’ll have a few photos to show you when I get back. Along with the USB memory sticks I purchased a couple more memory cards for the camera. The camera has two slots for memory cards, one compact flash and one for an SD card; up to now I’ve had a 8Gb and 16Gb in each (respectively) but whilst purchasing supplies for the trip, I happened upon a couple of cheap (and fast) cards and so purchased them. Both cards are capable of holding 32Gb of photos which with an photo being on average 13Mb mean I can now take over 5,000 images without drawing breath. Should I manage to fill these two cards in one day (which is unlikely, but never say never) I have a number of smaller memory cards with will provide enough space for another 3,500. Eight thousand five hundred photo… crazy…. in old money that would be 236 rolls of film (36 exposure). Presuming that I will be out for around 10 hours on a couple of safaris, I could just about fill all 104Gb worth of storage if I managed to take one photo ever 4 seconds (the camera has a burst rate of 10 frames per second, and whilst I will use this mode at times whilst photographing wildlife, it will only when I need to capture fast moving subjects). All of a sudden those 64Gb memory sticks aren’t looking as big as I anticipated they would.


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