Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/06/2012

Talk about !

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It all seems to happen at once, have you noticed that Dear Reader? A leak occurred in our aquarium a couple of days ago and I managed to exchange the faulty tank for a new one which is easier said than done. Without the correct holding tank I had to look around the house for something I could transfer the livestock across into; I finally happened upon a bright pink storage container that was empty which whilst not ideal was the best I could come up with. Once full of water, the plants moved across and the water temperature around the right level for the tropical inhabitant it was time to try and move them to their new home. I should really have bought a special, fine mesh net designed for the purpose when I bought the aquarium but with everything else it seemed like a needless expense… until now that it. Having tried to use a sieve unsuccessfully I resorted to catching the tiny fish by hand (they’re less than an inch long, and very fast) without any injury to either them (or me!).

Emptying the tank I was unable to see any signs of where the leak had occurred but took it back to the shop where I bought it from where they exchanged it immediately. Despite having the replacement tank, and all the necessary gear I couldn’t simply just pour the fish into the new habitat – setting up takes a couple of days, letting the water settle… adding nutrients etc. So this morning.. hours before I’m ready to jet off I had to try and catch these speedy little fish and transfer them back into their proper habitat. The creatures (fish and shrimp) must have been sick of the sight of the lurid pink box, their temporary home, as they didn’t really put up much of a fight when I moved them back over, though the net certainly helped in the transfer. They seem pretty happy back where they belong, and are eating (well, they deserved a treat after all they’ve had to put up with) which is always a good sign with any creatures.

I’ve just packed my back, and luckily it doesn’t weigh anywhere near the allowance so I should be okay to plead my case when it comes to taking the big lens on the aircraft. Only a few hours and it’ll be time to set off and I’m trying to wrack my brains as to what I might have forgotten. Of course the camera, memory cards, tablet and lenses are all packed, along with a few clothes so along with wallet, phone, and passport I don’t really need anything else. So.. Dear Reader, for now I bid you adieu… though you’ll still have to put up with musings as I’ve written a blog a day which will be posted automatically in my absence… hard luck!


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