Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/06/2012

“Cud”n’t Believe It

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It worked… it worked… (though I never had a doubt for a moment). The USB memory keys I ordered a couple of days ago were delivered and once connected to my Android tablet (the Transformer TF101 has a keyboard with two USB ports and an SD card reader built in) I was able to transfer photos from the SD card directly to the USB key, and more importantly, I was able to do it really quickly. I had had concerns that despite being able to transfer data from one medium to another that the data transfer rate would be slow and each 13Mb image would take an age to transfer; it’s not instantaneous, but it’s not far off and that was using a USB interface, I’ll be trying the key on the USB 3.0 interfaces on my laptop so see how fast the new protocol works.

Despite all the things I need to get done before I head off in less than a week’s time to Africa, I’ll be taking time out on Saturday evening to go to a gig. Talk about bad timing, if it were any other band (well, with the exception of Cardiacs, HMHB and maybe one or two others) I wouldn’t be going but Cud were at one time my favourite band. From their late ’80s classic album “When In Rome, Kill Me” through to their last studio album Showbiz released in 1994, I have all their releases and they’re one of the few bands who I will still listen to today (which is a good job seeing as I’m going to see them play). They disbanded in 1995, much to my dismay, and I thought my days of grooving to them as they performed was done – luckily, I was wrong and I’ll pretending it’s the late 80’s all over again on Saturday night.. with a few more pounds around my middle, and longer.. greyer hair (as, I suspect, will the rest of the audience).



  1. Hey! You off to Africa again????
    You lucky dog, do you take all the family as well, is it the annual family holiday? Great idea.
    I hope you have a fantastic time and get some breathtaking shots. Meanwhile I am still hunting for my 500 or 600mm s/h lens. I just missed a superb Nikon 600mm by making a stupid offer, then when I went back to offer the asking price the next day, some French guy had bought it! Under £2,000!
    I am such a Pillock sometimes……sometimes?…….What a Pillock!

    🙂 have a wonderful time

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