Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/06/2012

Everything’s Looking Rosie

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I’ve had another one of my hair brained ideas, which I’m hoping will work before I head off on my travels. As mentioned last year, whilst traveling from Mombasa to the Mara, and then from the Mara to Lake Nakuru, I used the notepad widget on my mobile photo to write some travel journals. I later regretted using that specific app, as I was unable to see all I’d written, a known issue with that specific program and shortly after returning bought myself an android tablet so that I could write more easily whilst on the go. The device has served me well, and I carry around with me nearly everywhere I go (it doesn’t work so well under water if and when I go swimming) but it’s not a 100% replacement for my netbook which is able to store far more data than its replacement… that was until today (you have to say that in a mock Jeremy Clarkson voice… though I suspect you already have!).

I’ve mentioned we’ll be taking a portable mini-hard drive with us, which we can store photos on – however with this the sole repository for data, and hard drives being notoriously unstable during long trips, I decided I needed to have a second storage solution. Of course I could buy a second drive, but whilst looking for a new memory card I hit upon a second viable solution… USB memory sticks. I was an early adopter of memory sticks, seeing the potential as soon as they hit the market (and were a more reasonable price) and have a collection 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 4Gb and 16Gb keys hidden around the house. The later is now equivalent to one of the memory cards I have in the camera, a card I can easily fill in one day and so it’s not been particularly useful when trying to transfer data between machines or passing on to others. Larger memory sticks have been available for a time, as have solid state hard disks, but both have been prohibitively expensive however I happened up a 64Gb USB 3.0 memory key that had been reduced to a more reasonable price and decided this was the solution I was looking for.. so I bought two. The combined storage capacity of these drives is equal to the space on the netbooks’ hard drive and as we didn’t fill that last time, looks like a cheap and elegant solution. Well, providing it works as expected of course – there’s little point if transferring the photos to the sticks takes 3 days per image! I’ll let you know how I get on in tomorrow’s blog.


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