Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/06/2012

Burn Baby Burn, Disco Inferno

Flower, originally uploaded by

Yes it is me you can smell, even from way over there, just imagine what it’s like sitting where I am! With the weather (yes, that perennial, of not daily conversation point) turning for the better, an afternoon working out in the garden seemed in order prior to my trip to the southern hemisphere before the grass gets so high that any creatures I could smuggle back from Kenya would find themselves right at home. With the grass cut short, there was only one thing to do when the sun it out, a barbeque. Unfortunately we don’t own any such paraphernalia and so after a quick trip out to the local garage (gas station) I returned home with an “Instant BBQ”. One second please… just need to go and check the definition of Instant as my experience wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Hmm, just as I expected.. my definition, and the dictionary’s, of Instant wasn’t quite what the BBQs was. Allegedly I should have just been able to add one match and then I would have had a perfect cooking environment. I must have tried a box of matches, several long splints, and a ream of paper trying to get some sort of fire going; with the evening melting away, and the family meal to cook, I decided that desparate measures were needed. Luckily I had just the tool necessary in my kitchen arsenal… a small blow torch I use for creme brulee! With the intense blue heat of the utensil on the charcoal, I was hopeful that instant would be a bit more immediate than previous attempts. It must have taken me ten minutes or so to get any form of heat into the coals so that I could start cooking; needless to say, as soon as the food was placed on the cooking surface, they instantly turned to cinders!


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