Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/06/2012

Iris tew in the name of the law!

Flower, originally uploaded by

I seem to have posted rather a lot of photos of flowers to Flickr recently, but in all honesty (and would I be anything else with you, Dear Reader) I’m rather enjoying my flora photography. Of course it’s all cleverly planned so that when I return from Kenya with oogabytes worth of images, you’ll be so sick of the sight of flowers that you’ll be glad to see some animal photos. Let’s hope I manage to take one or two whilst I’m out there.

Looking at the rumour-mill, it looks like Canon might actually be bringing out a high megapixel camera to rival Nikon’s D800 however, the body shape will be more akin to the 1D series than prosumer 5D range. I’ve mentioned before how I’m not interested in the pixel race but I’d certainly like to see Canon release such a camera, and hopefully with some new innovative ideas bundled in. Forget video, I don’t use it much, concentrate more on what it’s supposed to be.. a stills camera – boost the dynamic range, eye focusing (similar to the EOS 3), multiple exposure anything to allow us photographers to get even more creative without having to resort to a computer…. please! (see I asked nicely!).


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