Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/06/2012

Great Meisterwerk*

Flower, originally uploaded by

It’s suddenly struck me that with less than two weeks to go until I’m jetting off to Kenya on safari again, I’ve got rather a lot of work to do between now and then in preparation for the journey. My jabs are all up to date, and importantly, I’ve bought my anti-malaria tablets which I will need to start taking soon. I’ve decided what camera gear I’m taking with me, and whilst my initial reaction last time was “all of it”, I’m only taking 4 lenses.. the 24-105mm, 150mm macro, 150-500 and of course the 600mm. The tripod is staying at home, though I will be taking my flash gun and the new “better beamer” flash extender I bought recently. I’m also considering whether it’s feasible to take only my Android Tablet with its keyboard – especially as this was one of the scenarios it was bought for. The real issue is copying the data off the camera memory cards onto a separate hard drive as the tablet has very limited storage capacity, so I need to test this in the next few days. We did take the hard drive with us last time, along with a netbook which had more than enough storage capacity, allowing us to keep two copies of all photos that had been taken – of course with only the tablet and one external hard drive we do run the risk of losing all data should something happen to that hard drive… hmm, something to contemplate there I think.

The other major job, Dear Reader, is completing at least 10 days worth of blogs that will be published automatically whilst I’m away for your reading pleasure (“Pleasure… PLEASURE… since when has it been a pleasure?”, Ed.). The automation process itself is relatively straightforward, however writing ten extra blogs before I jet off does seem like a tall order at the moment. If you hadn’t noticed, writing my blog has been somewhat of a chore of late – inspiration has been hard to come by. It doesn’t help of course, as I’ve said before, that I tend to leave writing the blog until the end of the day, and I’m usually relaxing in the lounge (as I am now) with a beer (not this time) and the TV on (nope, left it off – and what a difference it makes… I can actually think clearly!). Having read a couple of my missives recently (I tend to write and then forget about the blogs once they’re posted), I was appalled with the poor sentence structure as well as the mistakes… so I will try harder from now on, Dear Reader… I might even try and make them interesting!

* See, another mistake already… the flower, commonly known as Astrantia, is also called Great Masterwort… not meisterwerk

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