Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/06/2012

Celebrate good times, come on

Flower, originally uploaded by

That’s just isn’t cricket, you know. We’ve had good weather all week and when it comes to the largest flotilla down the Thames for over three hundred years, and the weather has taken a turn for the worst. Over a thousand ships, some man-powered, others self-propelled made their way along the river in commemoration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Whilst I’m sure the prospect of taking part in the pageant in the baking hot sun might have seemed preferable to the inclement drizzle of today but with the procession taking over four hours, the heat could have had a detrimental affect on people standing out for the duration.

After watching some of the spectacle on TV we headed out to a garden which was opened to the public as part of the NGS, or National Garden Scheme. Over 3,700 private gardens open as part of the scheme and a percentage of the takings are given away to charities. Discussing visitor numbers with the garden owners, it would appear that the rain had kept people away but despite the low light levels, the rain did add something to photographs with water droplets clinging to the leaves and petals of the varied plants throughout the garden. With a number of good photos taken at the garden, that leave only 3,699 more gardens to go and photograph!



  1. There sure is something about water droplets on flowers. Beautiful photo. 🙂

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