Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 02/06/2012

Restless Legs*

Bengal Tiger, originally uploaded by

Don’t expect much from me today, Dear Reader… what do you mean, you weren’t anyway, it’s only what you’re used to?! I was supposed to be taking photos for my Son’s football team today but I somehow manage to sleep for the two hours duration in the car when I had only intended to close my eyes for a second. The rest of the day hasn’t been much better, and whilst the camera has surfaced from within the camera bag, it was only to test a new piece of equipment that arrived today. I have numerous gizmos used to reduce or defuse the light coming out of the 580EX II but this new device is one to increase the light, well the idea is to throw the light further. Having attached it to the flash, I took a couple of preliminary shots and was rather impressed how effective it is. Then I put it all away, and went and had a snooze.. well, too much excitement in one day isn’t good for a man!

* Another Half Man Half Biscuit song, and one they played on the evening.


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