Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/06/2012

I can hold a tennis racket up against my face, and pretend I’m Kendo Nagasaki#

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If I looked tired to you, Dear Reader, that’s probably because I am… in fact I think it’s fair to say my tiredness has been delivered in an Industrial Sized version as part of a BOGOF offer… buy one, get one free. The last few weeks have been rather non-stop which has been exacerbated by some early mornings and compounded by last night’s concert attendance, but i wouldn’t have missed seeing Half Man Half Biscuit for all the tea in China (I’m not a tea drinker, so it wouldn’t make any difference to me if I did trade these items). Meeting a friend at car park in the city of dreaming spires, rather than the more traditional pie and a pint before the gig we found an Indian Restaurant and had a very nice meal before sauntering to the venue garlic, cumin and garam masala seeming oozing out of every pore (I’m sure you didn’t want to know this, but it was a cunning plan on our behalf, we figured with such an odour emanating from us, we’d be sure of an uncontested view of the band (it didn’t go according to plan mind)).

The band promptly arrived on stage and 9pm and enthralled the audience for 90 minutes, and with a 2 minute break came on for a further 20 minutes. It was debatable at times whether Nigel (the lead singer) actually needed to grace us with his presence such was the sing-a-long from the crowd (who had more inches around their waistlines than they had hair). Of course none of us would want Nigel to take a back seat, it’s Nigel who write the songs and it’s unique insight into the world that has us entranced especially when he changes the words to be pertinent to current affairs ( or the increasing price of Pringles (you need to be there to understand that)). He also engages the crowd between songs and there’s a real rapport with his fans – it actually feels like a conversation down the pub rather than a gig at times.

The band seem to play at a venue near Birmingham each January, and my friend and I have already agreed that we will get tickets to it providing it happens. Proves what 24 hour Garage People* we really are.

*One of Half Man Half Biscuit’s song – which is a reference (in purposefully banal way) to the Happy Monday’s song – 24 hour Party People.

# One of Half Man Half Biscuit’s lyrics from the wonderful “Everything’s AOR

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